Jennifer (Phuong Vu) Husband Stealing Nail Technician

Jennifer (Phuong Vu) Husband Stealing Nail Technician. She has a innocent face. Always smiling and treat you like a friend but seduces your huband. She is a mother of 3 young kids with a loving husband which she claims hits her. Well first she will ask YOUR husband for car rides to get her places and drive her kids to school and will pay your husband. As time goes by she will contact your husband more and more. She will then ask your husband to check her and her kids in to a hotel because she wants to leave her husband. It is then that she will have sex with your husband over and over again while her kids are in school. She will make your husband feel very special like he is the only one that she is screwing. What makes you think her husband is so upset at her that make him want to beat her in the first place? Oh these husbands are to naive. Mothers will not do this to other mothers. She is an evil whore. So girls watch your husbands.

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