Emily Sweeney — Sweenez Loves Feenz

Hey so this girl here is ratchet as fck She used to date this dirty native fentanyl dealer kyle Wilson who fukes anything with a pulse and she would let him for drugs every day she had 4 abortions with the fuking loser. Now shes dating this kid who let’s her go party at people’s houses and get gangbanged by everyone who wants to drop off a crusty load She will fuk anyone for meth or pepsi or even a shot hell I even got her to do opiates shes a bucket and she raws everyone last time we talked she had drds She was homeless for 4 months because she couldnt go with out free drugs when her x was homeless be carefull with this one she likes to create fake stories in her head and tell people you are beating on her when you dont and that you steal from her and sht heads up ppl you will see here on barton turning tricks in no tymeb

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