Sarah Mckenzie — Methd Out Single “Mom”

Sarah Mckenzie — Methd Out Single “Mom”. This girl right here and courtenay’s nastiest h0e. She has a reputation of cheating on guys and selling herself to support a meth habit gone rampant. She lost her daughter last year and ONLY due to covid 19 and the in ability to piss test her she got her back and is still using!!!! She is still selling her a55 while her daughter is in the house. she went to treatment this past spring and ended up coming back with a really nice guy who was clean and just wanted to give her the world. And once she used up all his money she left and admitted to cheating on him the whole time. She pretends to be so kind and sweet but she is a two faced slut. The whole valley needs to be warned of this nady creature of a.human!!!!!!

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