Ron Woods — SH1T REALTOR

Ron Woods — SH1T REALTOR. If you hire RON WOODS He will take anyone else’s sides.Even when its YOU that’s paying him! hes a thief liar and a cheat goof! He tries to do anything just to get your money, hes 2 faced. He manipulates his clients and makes deals to be prosperous for himself and his new clients..even though you are the one thats paying him. DONT hire him. He ONLY looks out for himself and then he calls YOU down and stabs ur back, and then treats you like sh1t JUST TO MAKE A DEAL AND MAKE HIS MONEY.. he is literally NOT looking out for YOUR own good if u hire him as a realtor.. but JUST HIMSELF. As soon as he gets his money he turns completely hes a total rude trash talking loser. He has a lot of potential he just uses it in the absolutely incorrect improper way… just to screw you over and make his money cuz hes a greedy a55 piece of sh1t typical realtor… Be aware.

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