Pelé Gouda — Racist Masquerading As A Social Rights Advocate Giving Out Drd Needles.

There is no one word in the English language that can describe the type of man Pelé Gouda is. But a good place to start would be Liar, and what a con man he is. He was giving out tainted needles with drd to homeless people in the discontent city encampment, my grandmother Brune Brune is one of his victims. Her life is forever changed for the worst thanks to him, her life seriously shortened. Do not go near him, do not support him, he is dangerous. If it benefits him he will go so far as to kill you. This man masquerades around Nanaimo pretending to be an advocate for those who are facing social injustice and vulnerability, stampeding on those who make genuine efforts to help spreading his aids everywhere. This is the worst kind of predator and it is people like Pelé Gouda that make up the reason why the city of Nanaimo is in the state that it is in. People like him are why Nanaimo will never progress from the social chaos it is in and the proper support and aides are not being put in place. Pelé Gouda was paid by an organization that profits and benefits on social chaos and anarchy where he orchestrated violence and crime, seriously injuring many homeless people by providing a home made pipe bombs and tainted needles , this same organization sponsors and supports all his political endeavors to corrupt and coerce community views and funding for personal gain. So do not be fooled, whether it be homelessness, race, sexism, or any other social injustice platform he chooses. It is not this that his goal is but the opposite. This man is as Anti-Canadian as it gets by corrupting the genuine efforts of good people supporting Canadian Communities and twisting them into race wars, bigotry and hate.

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