Nancy Guillet Lying Crackhead

This pathetic, jobless, alcoholic, druggie low life will scam you for everything. The only thing she owns is a Jeep that she can’t ensure because of the DUI’s and scamming ICBC. She can only get basic coverage, nothing else because of her drunk driving and scam of ICBC. Don’t leave any alcohol, money or anything valuable around cause it will go missing. She has a sob story to tell you all the time. It’s always “poor me” stories and how everyone is to blame for her misfortune. Her own son can’t stand her, he doesn’t live with her(lives with grandparents). She constantly tries to start fights with her bf’s and then runs off and cry’s abuse. She was staying with her bf in a motel(he was working out of town), started a fight, then stole his keys, truck, wallet, phone and drove the 8hrs home. She left him stranded with no means of food, money or way home and then blames him. She’s openly admits she doesn’t take her meds and self medicates with drugs and alcohol. I know two of her ex’s and they are living with a present for life from her. So if you’re that desperate to bed this waste of skin, double bag your junk. DRD infested kvnt.

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