Melissa Bubley — Sugar Floozy

Melissa Bubley Sugar Floozy. Meet Melissa B! A sugar baby whore that looks like a drowned rat living in a cheap ass apartment I. New West. Tattooed up the a55full of drds. She brags about being an experienced and smart suagr baby aka prostitute. Having multiples at a time. She’s a broke a55 only working at opening her legs. Dates another sugar daddy that grows dope and cons women into a free date for himself saying he wants to give an allowences when it’s just a hookup ploy. Go back to Alberta you disturbed slut. maybe invest in plastic surgery for your huge a55 nose and get a55 implants so you actually look like woman. Your a floozy nothing more and nothing less. Make sure you wrap it up boys this one’s contagious!!!

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