Leslie Kouns — Botox Bimbo With A Flabby A55

Leslie Kouns — Botox Bimbo With A Flabby A55. it’s time for the world to be warned about this junkie drunk whore. This pig does not work and just uses every guy that she’s with to pay for her $100/day booze and drug habit and for a vehicle to drive, she will bang any guy just to drive his truck if it’s nice. There isn’t anything this mutt won’t do for a bump. She has a car only cause an ex gave it to her just to get rid of her but she cant insure it because she G holed and smashed into a bunch of parked cars. She uses and cheats on every guy she’s with and when they kick her to the curb because she’s obsessive and jealous and insane she sets them up to get robbed to make a quick buck. She thinks she’s a model because she’s got a fake rack that her own father paid for but has done so much botox and lip injections she looks like the jokers sister and her butt is nothing but flabby skin. She’s a cop caller always threatening to get protection orders on people and if she dates a guy with kids she causes problems anytime they try to spend time with them and if he pays child support or wants to buy the kids something she freaks out and gets crazy jealous. And when a guy wont give her money she belittles and abuses them verbally. She likes to go by “LA” which everyone knows stands for “Loose A55”. Shes a pathological liar and She steals from every store she enters and even steals from her own friends and boyfriends. This mutt is fake right down to having no eyebrows..nothing real about her. Nik would you have a go with this one?

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