Kerry Lowley — Ultimate Predator And Narcassist

Kerry Lowley — Ultimate Predator And Narcassist. Please be aware of this guy ! He has gotten away with it wayyy to long preying on underage girls! Date rapes at risk youth from group homes , 12/13 years of age they were! Reports from his daughters friends when they were under 16. And verbally /emotionally abusive to his children when they don’t feed his narcissist need . His nickname is bear , he probably tells girls he is just a big teddy bear … I assure you HE IS NOT .. too many testimonies on the horrid actions of this man on children . Please do not trust him alone with any pre-teens or teens! And the worst part is his GF has heard these things and stands by him . What does that say about her standing by a child predator !? And when he’s not preying on preteens he is playing mind games with other vulnerable women to sleep with him. If you are reading this Kerry go get help for your narcissism and sex addiction and leave group home kids alone !

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