Jillian Lanthier — A Face Only A Mother Can Love

This skank moved to town and all wives had to lock up there men! I’m positive she thinks she’s just a 10 with a rocking body…. We all laugh at the gym. …When in fact her newest boob job, which she lets hang out all over town, literally, just makes her fat gut look a touch smaller. Everyone wonders how she affords her horrible facial injections, when she just sits on her a55 all day. Does anyone know if she’s a floozy or has a sugar daddy? Most likely. She fuked my husband with my 4 children home while I was on a girls trip, and most recently started sleeping with my gfs now EX boyfriend. This woman always has to have what isn’t hers. She will stop at nothing! She still sends my husband pictures of her trying on clothing in change rooms, even gross lingerie ones, with her abnormally large nipples showing, this takes pancake nipples to a new level! Here is an idea, skip an injection and get your nipples redone…. it’s like 80% nipple and then boob LOL! Your running out of men in Sooke Jill, you’ve since moved on to men in Victoria, but your name and vagina is getting around. Move away, things were good until you arrived. Try parenting your kids while your at it, instead of leaving them all at home to fend for themselves while you fuk randoms off tinder and men in HAPPY relationships. I have heard from two men now that your cunt is all worn and stretched out, like throwing a pencil down a mine shaft. But I guess after having 4 kids and fuking all the people you do, that would happen. Maybe your John will pay for a reconstructive vagina surgery along side fixing those ginormous nipple things on your chest! You are so gross. PUKE! And stop texting my husband, you know who he is. Dirtbag!

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