Ashley Jurrius — Lying Scamming Piece Of Work

This person owns a scam company called Dinosaur Tales clothing co. She takes people’s money, and then doesn’t ship their orders. When you ask her about the status of your order, she blocks you on all platforms and email so that you cannot follow up. Once you open a dispute with PayPal. She will post untrue things about you all over the internet, including this site. She will tell everyone untrue things about your children. She really is a piece of work. She made fun of a mother who lost her home to a house fire and told everyone the mother burned her own house down where her child almost died. just to scam people for donations. She is such a dishonest person that even her husband left her. She is a liar and a thief and will scam you and then try and ruin YOUR life when she gets mad that she is being exposed. Do not buy from her. She will rip you off.

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