Alysha Stewart — Racist SociopathIc Liar

Alysha posted violent racist threats Against black people on Faceb00k at the beginning of June 2020. And continue to egg-on commenters by using the N word and calling black people “dirty” this b1otch even went as far as private messaging people her vile racists thoughts! After going viral she issued an pathetic apology saying “I WOULD just apologize” and “I PROBABLY will get Counselling”. Alysha has always been a racist b1tch but now she’s finally been caught and everyone in Nanaimo and the island knows her face and who her equally racist boyfriend is, look him up on the dirty; Jason Vellow. Beyond being a racist, embarrassing her family and outting her mother for fraud, she is a deadbeat egg-donor who abandoned her child so she could live the life she always wanted of partying, orgies, drugs and fighting. She lies about being a nurse and a surfer…she’s a nobody, zero hobbies, her sole interest in life is to hurt other people. She’s extremely abusive, physically, mentally and sexually…she’s been harassing MINORS with her weird nudes via Snapchat. Alysha is a VILE person and a waste of oxygen. Maybe now her little narcissistic self will see that she’s not really made of star dust and really just the scvm of the earth’s butthole.

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