Vance Raders’ Vices

Nik and everyone meet Austin, Texas’ very own- Miranda and Vance Raders. After Vance got rejected many times due to his awkward social skills and his reputation as being bi-sexual, he fell prey to Miranda Sims. Vance is from a small border town of Mexico then moved to central Texas where he met the manipulative cheater who tricked poor Vance into marrying her.
They now live in Roanoke where Raders is supporting them with his meager earnings while she sees other more established men looking for her next victim. Vance is a starting out professional and this girl is already having him pay for her to get reconstructive mouth surgery because her mouth is 80% gums.
Nik, please post this as a cry for help for the gullible, insecure men like this all over the world. As the saying goes, apples do not fall far from the tree- his want-to-be socialite, materialistic mother scammed his father the same way. Please men— Do not fall for woman like this. He might have been better off sticking to men.
Vance, maybe you should do a background check on this one. Just saying.

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