Megan Zavala — Poor Megan Needs Help

Megan Zavala is a disaster. This single mom of Austin Texas is night walking to look for her next fix and can barely keep her job. Her parents pretty much look after her kids and give her an allowance to attempt to keep her off the streets. I had to finally rid her out of my home after I found needles and pipes in my guest room she was staying in temporarily. She was using my home as an floozy service and a trash can for weeks. When I finally removed her from my home with the help of law enforcement, she began stalking me and had one of her clients help her break into my home and steal valuables. She is well known in the industry and Austin scene. She is dangerous, dirty and deceitful. I was only trying to help a girl I once knew and get her on her feet. Watch out for Megan Christine Zavala!

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