Alexsandra Gutierrez — Drug Addict Mom

So this is alexsandra Gutierrez, she lives in Austin or beeville. She’s homeless so she meets guys downtown or at strip clubs and literally begs them for help . Currently she has two warrants , no licence, no custody of her kids, under investigation by CPS and Travis county court , didn’t even finish high school, has an STD from John Regan who gives her all the drugs she asks for . She also has no job, she’s walked out on just about 5 jobs in 3 weeks. Th father of h kids is remarried, working , his wife is in college for technology and also works for a corporate operation. They have been taking care of all the kids since she was asked out 3 years ago. She hasn’t even payed the child support she owes and keeps failing random drug tests. By the way these mugshots are only a year apart. Keep a look out Austin,tx … She’s infectious .

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