Claudia Ramirez Pinocchio Got Caught

Claudia Ramirez Pinocchio Got Caught.found out my husband of 11 years was cheating on me with a new client of his from landscaping. little did he know his phone was connected to mine. so i found her on my whatsapp contacts. asked him he denied it. a couple days later i checked his phone, turns out he’s been talking to her on snapchat. i confronted him he lied obviously so i showed him the messages. i went bat crazy on him. i confronted her she sent him a msg on snap saying he got himself caught. i also found he sent her a 50 dollar giftcard to starbucks. to shorten the story i was trying to contact her via msgs calls she was too scared to answer me. then finally said she was married with 5 kids herself and there was nothing. so i pulled out all the screenshots of msgs he accidently took while he tried to hide the phone when im guessing he saw me coming. i also msged her myself pretending to be him cuz he denied that too. she goes your family needs you now i took you long enough. i sent her that ontop of voicemails and msgs she would send after i had him block her.knowing full well he was married. she still denies it. so im warn other women of this woman shes sneaky, very conniving amd will try to lure your husband away from you blame you for it and act like shes innocent amd did nothing

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