Travis Robson Nasty Grandpa

Nik, if his lips are moving he’s lying. This 50 y/o loser likes to pretend he’s had a successful career as a horse trainer and that he moved from Ontario to Alberta for “opportunity”. The mf neglects to mention that he ran himself out of there because of his fondness for young girls, but since ego and stupidity are his downfall he hasn’t learned a thing. The closer to barely legal the better even though he marches around his “girlfriend” whenever she has the misfortune of coming out to visit. If he’s talking to you he’s trying to figure out if you’re going to be useful to him at some point, man or woman. Unless you want an immediate follow up appointment at the clinic or to be bullied into an abortion you should probably steer clear of this walking case of crabs. A true predator, he looks for the ones that are vulnerable and reels them with the same game across the board by telling them how special they are. Pretty soon it graduates to how they need “lessons” at local hotels. Keep your sisters and daughters away from this R. Kelly wannabe.

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