Sloppy Fat A$$ Kelsey Monti

Sloppy Fat A$$ Kelsey Monti.

Kelsey Monti:::: This chick is seriously the most F-ed up girl ever!! She lies to everyone about everything. She’s stolen sht from her parents to pawn it off just to buy booze and drugs and most of all food from the looks of the pics.This b!tch acts like she’s native but she’s a white fat girl.She was charged for threatening to beat up her ex bff while she was pregnant!! She wrecks relationships by doing sht or sleeping with taken men, she sucks d!ck for slurpees And most of all junk food. This girl is a one dollar sl0re! She’s got active DRD’s and I swear she doesn’t know what a shower is as she smells like rotten fish the photo says it all! she can’t hold a job because alcohol and partying is more important. She thinks she’s hot sh!t but reality she’s fat af and ugly af. beware ladies of this fat a$$ she’ll do anything for a buck just to get her slurpee or chip fix. She got beat up recently for talkin sh!t like always!! This girl is a h0e and she’s almost 27 years old! When will you grow tf up and be an adult and actually work for your money? Because seriously what more will it honestly take? Nobody can trust this one! She’s a Lying, fake rat who doesn’t give a f!ck about anyone just junk food and parting. She also works at rub and rugs and sleeps with men for money to support her nasty ass habits. Everyone watch out for this one she will eat everything in your fridge if she has the chance

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