Shannon Denault — Floozy Destroys Men

Shannon Denault — Floozy Destroys Men. This nasty a55 Butch will Destroys do man that she gets involved with. She’ll give them drd, and deny it came from her. She has the most disgusting pu55y ever, just the want stink alone will make you puke. Ever hear of a blueberry waffle? She’s a junkie and a narcissist. She will either charge you with assault or she will tell people your holding her against her will and keeping her full of drugs. She usually has 3 plus different guys on the go, plus the different tricks she has on the side to afford her drug habit. She will keep you around until see has alienated you from everyone who was in your life but she will also make you wish you were dead because you’ll be so broke that you can even afford a 5 cent candy. This floozy will serious destroy you, stay away or you’ll regret it.

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