Sam Brown — Now This Is The Dirty

This girl fuks up everyone life she dates .. besides spreading Drd she also has 3 kids with 3 differnt dads who all have been forced to live with the drd for life .. that’s not the top of it all she never stopped smoking meth or drinking when she was pregnant each time.. also she has fuked 50 guys in one month now that’s gross … she has no morals about nothing .. she had her recent boyfriend thrown in jail for her lies .. she also lost all her kids and still roams around swift spreading her legs and the DRDs that come with it … she is one dirty dirty dirty girl .. and she will never admit fault just hight or drunk is all she knows . Also good friends with the most recent girl that was posted on hear ..

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Katy Sype — Fugly B1tch

Trevor Timm  of New York City, NY. USA.