Mikki Grayson The Fiend!!

this young lady is quite the peace of work, if you see her or she tries to talk to you keep your distance not just for your safety but for hers. sadly this real has been to rehab twice , it not working both times. can’t keep a job because she shows up high or coming off drugs. if you ever see this girl driving keep a very far distance she is know to drive under the influence and even being known to do her drugs in her car and then drive. she completely totaled her car trying to come to school high off opioids. she tries to be friends with anyone that could be blind enough to trust her… but just you wait she’ll show her true colours. this girl claims she’s been in a relationship with spencer klassen for 7 months but is still having sex with her ex boyfriend and doing stuff with guys to get free drugs. mikki has smoked and eaten glass thinking it was meth. she will do literally any drug to feel a little something. she stole money from me then bought drugs with it and then lied to my face. mikki claims she only smokes weed but it takes one time hanging out with her to see she lives off xannax, crack, meth, cocaine and a few bong tokes and maybe a cup of water. posts on her social media “happiness comes from drugs not relationships”. she acts innocent and kind but she’s really not. she’s underdeveloped as fuck or maybe drugs have just melted her brain and her body. not to mention she acts like she’s single and she wants to be in a relationship with you, will have sexual relations with you then when her and her boyfriend are okay she cuts you off. i know mikki was already on here but i just wanted to post too so she knows she’s scum. once she even showed me a video of she snorting meth. this girl is either going to be dead from a sexual transmitted disease or will over dose. stay away i repeat stay away!!!

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