Lindamae Baptiste mother daughter duo

Hey Dirty..
Little Miss LindaMae Michelle Baptiste
Let me introduce to you to Miss LindaMae Michelle Baptiste.. This little Cree mutt from Samson Hobbema claims to be Dene/Cree. Only wishes to be Dene/Tsuut’ina.. But nope she’s full CREE!!! Anyways her mothers name is Sherri Baptiste and let me tell you the apple does not fall far from the tree.. Sherri taught little Miss LindaMae how to manipulate men and how to target men from Tsuut’ina.. These two twisted mother daughter duo are quite the couple.. LindaMae is absolutely proud of her success of being an ONLYFANS girl and can’t hold down a real job to support her two children but depends on handouts from Tsuutina and child support from her baby daddy.. Meanwhile she claims to be making a killing off Onlyfans lol. She claims No meet ups! on her Onlyfans and across all her social media platforms but absolutely 100% she does do meet ups. She books dirty little hotel rooms in Bowness, meanwhile her mother stays at home and watches the kids and waits for miss LindaMae and pizza and pop for the kids. She’s one of those baby mamas that can’t let go of her baby daddy, she doesn’t wanna be with her baby daddy but she can’t stand to see him happy with anybody else. She broke up his two previous relationships with two beautiful women from his rez Tsuutina because she has absolutely no life and she’s miserable. I don’t blame her for hating herself and her trashy life she’s fat and ugly.
She lives in Calgary housing with her mother and when her and her mother fight she kicks her out but like the dog Lindamae is she keeps going back and won’t get a house for herself and her two kids. Please keep in mind her mother is in her 50s and managed to squeeze out one more baby with some vulnerable man from Tsuutina (JSL) tisk tisk then LindaMae realized how much of a killing she could make off having a couple kids and scooped her self up a Tsuutina man (DBC) only to embarrass and disgrace him and his entire family because she’s absolutely lazy and can’t lift a bone for her children except lay on her back with her legs wide open and sell nudes.
The smell of her puss is atrocious from what we hear she definitely needs antibiotics but won’t go get herself checked. Your mother taught you well Big shout out to mama bear Sherri you did good raising your daughter you raised her right haha.. Sherri talks a big game around G/E casino about how she has family from Tsuut’ina lol don’t believe her she doesn’t only wishes.. Im pretty sure her grandmother was one of those women that married off Tsuut’ina and Both Sheri and Lindamae use that lol excuse me but grandma was a hoe…
Neither mom or daughter can keep a man there only after the money they don’t know how to be wives that’s why Sheri‘s husband left her and married someone who could be a good wife. Maybe that’s why LindaMae has daddy issues?? Both mother and daughter do dabble in the crack from time to time!!! Anyways all you Tsuutina women watch your man and all you Tsuut’ina men watch out for these two!! They have no morals or respect for themselves once they fixate on a man from Tsuutina they will battle for him…
Good luck give these to try.. they only want to be Tsuutina….
#Potbellypig #Fish #Stinkyfeet #homeless #bumchin #crosseyed #ugly FYI Dodge journeys are ugly and you wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for your baby daddy so shut up and quit acting like you worked hard for that vehicle.

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