Kyle Koller — Super Creep Wannabe-Cop

Kyle Koller Super Creep Wannabe-Cop. This right here is Kyle Koller. He buys cop uniform items off eBay and pretends to be someone important when really is a closet h0m0 that like to “work out” at the gym with his son so he can take photos of all the young boys from his sons various sports teams. Kyle it’s inappropriate and super creepy that you constantly take photos of teenaged boys. Kyle has the IQ of a dirty premasterbation sock, so maybe he is just socially awkward?? Whatever his issue is, it only revolves around teenaged boys. His other two kids get zero attention because their friends aren’t pubescent sweaty boys at the gym (or should we call it the Jim? ..since he’s a closet h0m0?) and for Christ sake Kyle, go pay someone to cut your hair. you look like a f’ing fool.

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