Jeff Oldford — The Cheaty Whitecourt Man

This guy will lie and tell people anything he needs to get what he wants from girls meanwhile his girlfriend and kids are at home waiting for him. This man slept and made porn movies eith my good friend while his gf was having their baby.. this guy pays randon girls for dirty pictures and videos and rhen leaks them out to everyone on the internet. His gf knows hes cheated but i dont rhink she knows to what extent. He lied and rold me his gf and him were broken up when she was away working when she was 6 months pregnant so needless to say i was staying at his place and sleeping with him till she showed up home feom work i jad to run out back door cause i had no clue that everything he told me was a lie. Real charmer on outside but ladies he will use u like he did both me and my girlfriends .. Once a cheater always a cheater

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