Emilia Mendez-Binfa — Avoid This Harasser, A Delusional Woman

Emilia Mendez-Binfa — Avoid This Harasser, A Delusional Woman. Emilia picks women to fall in love with on site and immediately spreads rumours about them with sexual proclivities and false claims about them being in love with her. She sends unrequested notes and leave messages, including comments on doors, about being let in. She expects her friends and roommates to sleep with her and will aggressively come onto them. She dressed like a floozy and attempts to bother people and hara55 them. She locks people out of their doors, issues false complains, comes up with reasons to bother them, follows them around, and spreads rumors. The issue here is not homosexuality but harassment. She is very aggressive and capable of harassment, stalking, delusion, lying, verbal abuse, deceit, and manipulation. Stay away from her .

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