Chris Hughes — Watch Out Ladies Con Artist ALERT

Chris Hughes Watch Out Ladies Con Artist ALERT.Well ladies you need to be watching out for this guy! He is constantly unemployed. Does not keep a job because once Maintenance finds out where he is working he quits. He lies constantly to your face and he will cheat too. He is always lining up his next victim so BEWARE. He uses you financially and then when he thinks there is no money left he will run. He drives a blue Honda Civic type car. Has every excuse manageable for not being able to pay for things blah blah blah. He has two kids a 13 yr old who has issues to boot and a younger one with an ex wife. He says his ex wife is crazy but she is not. He is a liar and a user! He will leave you broke and in debt days he will pay you back but he won’t. Do not help him or his kid. Run away ladies for your financial future!

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