Ashley Saddleback — Hobbema’s Infamous Pass Along..

There are plenty of things needed to be said about This sad excuse of a mother to a young lady. But I will try to keep it short. This wannabe “high-end escort”- I mean, now that she moved to Edmonton, she thinks she’s high end and the reserve forgot about all the homewrecking she did just because she got cheated on by a guy half her age. She’s really just low end/ easy escort, accepting gifts such as drugs and flowers for example. I guess she thinks that’s classy? I guess the coke diet worked for her from those gifts.. and what the hell is wrong with her box shaped eyebrows? And sleeping around with guys not too much older than her own daughter and taking them home to be around her.. seems sketchy and unsafe. Sadly, I don’t think this woman will ever be able to find love with all the men and boys she hops on knowing that she loves to be called “smashley” and used as a toy, easily had if you give her any gift. But no one will ever want to wife this troll. And sad to say, but her daughter is not too far behind her, seeing all of this as a social norm.

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