Ashley North Kiniving B1tch

Ashley North Kiniving B1tch.So it all started in about January when she started fuking all her boyfriends workers. Also a cop in 2019. When she gets caught on her bullshit she cries and plays as a victim. So now it’s August 2020 and she’s tried to break a marriage of her so called “friends” now I know what your thinking SHES A FUKING whore. It gets worse and creepier. She watches people and doesn’t blink will literally break her neck doing it. She set up her “friends” to make the husband thinks the wife was cheating while he was sleeping. Not only that she made it look like they fuked on a roll back with one of her side dudes worker but come to find out she took the wife’s shirt out of the bathroom and gave it to a dude named TJ so his old lady could wear it to make it look like the wife had sex with another man. So. Anybody in the Sims or Mobile area or Wilmer or Mississippi watch out for the sneaky conniving bitch. And also watch out because her vagina looks like Chewed up bubblegum and a ball of roast beef and bologna

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