Angelene Creasor Diseased, 2 Faced, Adulterous Gold Digging, Violent, Player

Angelene Creasor Diseased 2 Faced Adulterous Gold Digging Violent Player. Im not into games or hurting others but wish someone had’ve forewarned me before I got involved with this one cause she’s one of the nastiest women I’ve had the misfortune of encountering. First off she tells me she’s single broke up with her ex months before and invites me over to her house where we had intercourse for first time. I had asked her if she had any DRDss or diseases to worry about cause we didn’t have condoms and she told me no she’s clean but then after weeks of daily sex with me I found out and when confront her she admits that she lied to me that she has DRDs as she used to be an intravenous heroin addict. If that wasn’t bad enough her ex shows up raging turns out he’s still her boyfriend just works out of town and she’s cheating on the guy behind his back with me. Turns out the guy makes lots of money and that all the money she was spending on me and alcohol and things wasn’t her money it was money she was scamming her boyfriend for while cheating on him telling him things like her son needs things or other different lies and took the guy for like $15,000 over a couple months. Even when the guy caught her with me she lied behind my back to him told him we broke up and started taking money from the poor sucker again until I caught her and told her stop that it was immoral especially doing it to a guy that stood by and provided so large for her and her son. Then she starts having crazy aggressive outbursts over anything and everything and I find a psych assessment that has her diagnosed as bi polar. Anyways didn’t stop there, then I run into guys that no her as a worker from when they were in treatment and they’re telling me she flirts with lots of guys and gives special privileges to guys she thinks are cool but mean to ones she doesn’t so I did a little research and find out she’s on like every social site posting the best photos she can of herself apparently trolling and chatting up guys in treatment, older married men, gang members/drug dealers seemingly anyone horny enough to lure in for at least from all the messages I found money and sex. Sooo I’m ya be careful some people have no morals or conscience and have no problems taking advantage, scamming or putting others at risk. I know for sure about the DRDs, who knows what else she’s got I’m just hoping nothing of mine rots off now and have the stress of waiting for DRD/blood test results praying they come back clean. Don’t let her looks fool you just outright mental. Wasn’t pleasant finding her overdosed on fentanol and having to narcane her 3 times neither, like wtf is wrong with some people.

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