Tyler Malloy — Touchy Tyler Malloy And Annoying Afton

Tyler Malloy — Touchy Tyler Malloy And Annoying Afton. These two have been ruining people’s lives for years. They work at Alteactive after being pushed out of Goodlife for several sexual assault claims. Now they are suppose to be managers at a fitness gym and are two of the most unhealthy people in Winnipeg. Tyler is a sexual deviant always saying gross things to our staff and Afton is super annoying and thinks she’s hot sh1t but nobody likes her. Together they have cheated on their spouses and make fun of members all day. Tyler does Pepsi at work just to keep up with the fitness image but he always looks super greasy and strung out. Afton love molly and sells it for easy money to our staff. How can anyone trust a gym that has these losers in charge.? Super gross.

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