her gross malnourished skin and bones body I love how this bitch has to have multiple fake names to hide from all the people wanting to drag her skank a55… Trista Dunbar, Trista Reneek, Trista Renee Hada which is it? Things have been pretty low key since that fat bald loser Ryan Dunbar married this beat bitch, Idiot thinks a chunk of garbage on her finger will make her stop straying hahahaha 2 weeks ago I found out my boyfriends friend barebacked this slut in the backseat of his truck, he said he still can’t get the smell of decaying catfish out of the vehicle. Trista Finally working a job she can’t get fired from cuz she’s banging the owner ,,, Lava Sun Tan Studios that Ryan Dunbar and his wife Christine owned. Ryan being the insecure reptile looking dwarf he is tries relentlessly to sleep with the staff he hand picks and finally found someone stupid and slutty enough to take his little bait! His poor ex wife must just be so disscusseded with him dogging gross bitch Trista while still with her So Ryan and Trista spent months secretly sleeping with each other behind his wife’s back, and bam! Trailer park Trista got herself some +2s as a sad attempt from Ryan to keep her in his life cuz nobody will ever love him Fast forward, they get married and Ryan’s karma for cheating on Christine is this gaping-hole of a whore Trista, cause her little “friends” at the Tanning salon have shared many stories about her priding herself on “knowing all the angles of the cameras” at the salon and making them appear offline so she can sneak dudes in and f*** them in one of the rooms! One of her poor staff even found one of her crusty cum towels under the bed and Trista laughed that it had been there for over a week and thank god Ryan didn’t find it! I can’t understand why anyone thinks this gremlin is ok enough to stick their dick in but Ryan you look like a complete FOOL with all the shit your new wife does behind your back and the shit she says about you. I’m sorry you have to take pills to be able to bang this baloney-hole but at least your belly slaps her ass so your hands don’t have to old man! Trista give it up, you’re not attractive, the tits are only a small distraction from your gangly teeth and fucked up face! Oh and Ryan M wanted to mention how you have the grossest looking pus*y he’s ever seen & wants to know if other guys have to mash the saggy flaps around to find the hole too..? Bye the way keep filling your lips your beginning to look like ther a prolapsed anus on your face

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