Tessa Nguyen — The Big Mouth Welfare Bum

This little girl has a big mouth for a little body thinkinnn she untouchable but in reality she just a sad h0e livinn off her bbd money since she a welfare bum living in Mb Housing she not bout that life just a mad h0e bcuz her bbdad sleeps w everywun else but herrr meanwhile she a ho herself she all talk flapping her gums. & would go as low as calling down other babies in arguments even bring up ppl who are dead she must has fas cuz like who does that let the past go u must feel that bad bout urself to sink that lo silly lill’ girl small as a twig go talk to sumone who cares instead of postinn about ur life probs u must b hurt hurt growupp alrdy && dnt be a sadcase karma willll cvm eventuslly.

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