Tayller Peltier — Tha WPG Mongrol

Tayller Peltier — Tha WPG Mongrol. This girl is messed up!! Her mom and dad are cousins so thats why she looks like she has FAS!! suks her daddies d1ck For money cuz she flips burgers at mc donalds hahaha stay away from this attention seeking floozy!! shes not all there will sleep with every man who will even talk to her and will do anything for a line or 2!! She says shes sober but posts pics of Drinks at the bar and does drugs???? she walks with god hahaha yeah u mongrol you THOUGHT!! dont bother with this fake floozy she just wants attention trying to hook up with my cousin but on a relationship the next day shes gross and looks like she stinks!! tryna pass around her drds GROSS you need them filters but still a CATFISH!! ugly face and a ugly personality a real FLOOZY hide your uncles hahahahaha.

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