Tayller Peltier — Be Careful Of This Mental Case

Tayller Peltier — Be Careful Of This Mental Case.Her man better be careful This crazy slor will try to poison u put ur a55 in the hospital and get ur stomach pumped if u cross her!!! my bro was there and seen it happen lmfao!! This toxic trash needs to check herself into the mental institution cuz shes fuked in the head. I had to block this trash cuz shes so coincided & for nothing she looks like shes the mut of her MANY siblings. Her dog family is messed up to!!! They sleep with each other & have each other’s babies MESSED UP dont be fooled by this girl she’s all nice to ur face then talks about u behind ur back. Her man will deal with the crazy soon & poor guy he deserves better then ugly hoe trash who looks that ugly with a heart and personality just as ugly. Stay clear of her shes lost shes crazy shes steady looking for a new man to get her ex jealous. Ugly mut nobody would be jealous of u get over urself & ur singing is cringy JUST STOP nobody wants to hear ur ugly voice with a ugly face.

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