Sydney Kellington — A Scam Artist Fake Personal Trainer

Beware Winnipeg!!!!! She is not a certified trainer!!!! She gives the exact same plan to everyone!! My friend and I both signed up and got the exact same plan even though we are NOTHING ALIKE!!!!! She only cares about making as much money and getting free stuff from sponsors on insta. I found out after that she only knows some stuff bc her ex bf is a certified trainer and he taught her a bunch of stuff but she’s not certified and she advertises like she is. She even lied about saying she coached herself for her competitions but she lied!!!! She had about 4 ppl coaching her including her ex who she screwed around on. She’s just a dirty person and if you look at her face you can see the fat girl tryna get out. Only a matter of time before she gets knocked up and blimps up

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