Surinder Dhaliwal

Well well well, Miss Suri, or should we call you Surinder? Or just Ms.third world trash? You know we will be nice to your face and be civil because we love Chris, but make no mistake sweetie, we all think of you as nothing else but a 2 dollar floozy who slept for cash with rich brown men to pay for medical school and her flimsy boutique dresses. We view you as nothing as but third world trash that needs to be deported. You see my dear, we all know about your community and how you were shunned by your men after being used and abused, not exactly marriage material. So you latch onto Chris because you were desperate and being turned down by every brown man in the city. Yes, that’s right. I had a little talk with my Indian colleagues (2 of them who you desperately sought for marriage before you finally sweet talked your way into Chris’ life. They gave their reasons for turning you down for marriage. Giving randon bjs in cars to every brown guy in the city that would pay you. Letting them record it. Even selling yourself at hotels with men for 200 an hour. What kind of trashy mother and father raised you to be so repulsive? What about your ex husband that wisely divorced you and got free of your wretched ways. Cheating on him, drinking, doing drugs. How do you think he feels seeing your wedding photos and videos plastered all over the internet? A grim reminder of the trash he briefly married. What about your poor kids who will one day do a simple google search on you and see all the trashy pics of you all over the internet? What will you tell them? Well you’re a master manipulator and love to play the victim and sweet innocent little girl but I mean there’s only so much you can explain sweetie. What will you explain when they ask why your first husband divorced you? Let me make this clear, in fact let US make this clear since many of us that love Chris and regret that you married into this family feel this way. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT THIRD WORLD TRASH! WE DON’T RESPECT YOU, WE DON’T BUY YOUR SWEET LITTLE INNOCENT ACT AND WE WILL BE CIVIL TO YOUR FACE BUT DEEP DOWN YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THIS FAMILY, TO PROFESSIONAL WOMEN EVERYWHERE BUT MOST OF ALL, YOU ARE JUST A CLOWN. A DIRTY, EVIL LITTLE, MANIPULATIVE USED UP CLOWN. You will never be good enough to be fully accepted by us. A simple google search revealed and verified everything we were told about you. We even saw a full length video of you with a man in a hotel doing nasty things on an adult site. You’re disgusting garbage. You’re prime example of ‘nouveau riche’ being classless and tacky. I’m sure you know what rhymes with tacky…right? . See us, ”old money” folks, we don’t do pathetic things like sell ourselves to pay for school or take raunchy pictures or videos with every tom d1ck and harry we have been with. I could go on but why beat a dead horse. Your reputation is already trash in this town. Have a nice day. Tell your mother she did a terrible job raising you. We would covey that to her ourselves but it was painfully clear the third world trash doesn’t even speak English when we tried to converse quite some time ago. Lol. Have a nice day. I feel sorry for your kids.

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