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Shayna Breanne’xo RezMuttGalore.Walking DRD. Be careful when she asks to watch your kids, even welfare or childtax day she posts and asks of anyone needs a babysitter, only to let her old boyfriend who is almost 30 by the way! To do stuffwhen she is not looking or outside having a smoke, like this girl doesnt think clearly that she jist turned 18 lastyear and thinks they are inlove. Putting young children in danger mostly your sister Kourtneys kids. No wonder why your nephew died the way he did. Because you guys cant watch kids PROPERLY! shayna is so sad looking she looks like one of the rez dogs that sit under the stairs. HER makeup is sad. Same as her bf (who is still inlove with his FirstLove) which is why he wont have kids with you, this little bbg is so insecure she has to talk about his exes and bring up their kids too make her feel better. Oh but wait theres more… Little shay used to sell herself just for drinks and weed Ect. But not to anybody. Mainly old men & cardates (maybe thats where her boyfriend got those red bumps on his balls) But who knows. Anyways im done with this

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