Shawn Heartwick — Shawn The Women Abuser And Cheater

Shawn is a piece of work and one of the most disturbing guys in winnipeg. Please be careful with this one, he likes to degrade women and physically hit/push them. He comes up with me plans on how he can fuk over people. One time he planted a knife on a girl because she had some beef with the girl he was seeing (not even him). He likes to cheat in every relationship he is in with anything that has 2 legs and a heartbeat. This is mentally messed up dude. He doesnt even go by his real name on social media anymore because of how many people are upset and trying to find him because he has fuked them over. Shawn likes to go as “Yousef Haldan”. Stay clear of this one!

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Clifford Prince aka Bo

Emily Clarke — Houston, Texas