Olivia Tepleski Aka Ryker James Lying,Stealing Scum Bag

Olivia Tepleski Aka Ryker James Lying,Stealing Scum Bag. This b***h is disgusting. She never showers and smells like a can of sardines. Her body is filled with pus sores and she uses dirty needles to shoot up meth and pepsi. Her boyfriend is old enough to be her grandpa. This slut, cry and whines pulls Chris away from his wife and children and crys for meth ,cigarettes and money. If Chris doesn’t bring her what she wants she runs to Aho’s uncle who lets her suck his d8ck for cigarettes. She fakes a panic attack if Ago,tells her that he wants to be with his wife and that she is nothing but a loser. This C**T is a lyiing piece filth. She is always pregnant and yet the malnourish slob can’t even get pregnant becauseof her chronic drds. Never trust this b***h she will steal your clothes,phones, and man, and will leave your toilet seat with shit on it. Liv is so nothing but bad bad news! She tries to kill herself each time Aho trys to split up with her. She lied about a being with Brent and she has threatened people and thrown others under the bus because of her jealousy. Liv you will Never be the woman that Aho really wants. He loves Anne and he will always go back to her. Your a pathic psycho She acts like she hates anyone that is not like straight but I know this girl and she will eat ***”*y for a point of meth. Liv has threesoms with Aho and his wife Ann. And she is also doing This uncle

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