Mathew Ward — We Can Tell You’re A Man

This is Mathew Ward, but he likes to pretend he’s a woman named Evie Anastasia. Sounds like a name a 12 year old picked out. Interesting how someone who’s so violent towards women is now trying to pass as one. Mathew thinks that all he has to do is throw on a wig and some lipstick and he’s magically a new person and is no longer accountable for his past behaviors. That’s not how it works, Mathew. No matter what name you use or what you identify as, you can’t erase the fact that you’re a skinner and a domestic abuser. You’ll never be a real woman, you’re only pretending to come out as trans as a way to run from your past. It’s so obvious you’re copying your recent ex’s looks and style. You’re the most unoriginal “girl” out there. Also, what woman has hands that big? You’re not fooling anyone. You openly admit to raping someone after she confronted you about it and you feel no guilt or remorse for what you’ve done. You will never be a woman, you’re a traitor to women.

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