Lilah Ann The Skank

Lilah Ann The Skank. Beware do not become friends with this whore. We met when she ws living in the area and i thought at first she was cool a single mom at 16 i wanted to befeiend her and help did i ever fuk up. As the friendshop developed she made me become someone i wasnt i went out drinking every night with her. Meeting ramdom guys for free booze i thought it was all fun ans games till one day i went to ee her and the boy i was dating was with her i didnt think anything if it till she started to brag about fuking my bf of 2 years she thinks it funny she has fuked everyone in our friends groups bf more then once. She even got knocked out with our bros baby to make him stay with her when he wanted out of thr relationship …. she is the dirtiest whore i and my friends have ever met … 2 shots and she is good to go with any guy she can find … he loves the younger boys when there drunk also….. i wouldnt recommend being her friend especially if you have a boyfriend because she will within a week have fuked him…. she will bring it all up in your face lalaughing about how she fuked your bf smh she is one dirty f****** whore and to make things even worst she doesnt even take care of her kid she leaves him with her mom all the time so she can go fuk and drink with random guys…. her poor mom the abuse she puts her through is sad she yells calls her mom fat all the time even once tried to push her down the stairs…. she uses all her money for booze …. please stay away from this whore and if you dont you will see im right Ps fuk you lilah you stuipid whore go beat up your baby daddy for more money to drink

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