Lexi Thomas — Theif, Liar, Sh1t Talker, All Around Bad Person

Lexi Thomas — Theif Liar Sh1t Talker All Around Bad Person. Well here’s the gossip…this girl gets off on jumping old people for pills, smokes meth, steals clothes from people. from her best friends too, one of her old ex bestfriends told me about how she stole something her boyfriend got her from Mexico, also heard about the FALSE RAPE allegations she threw on that poor girl…just cause my friend was bi, yet she acts like shes bi all the time..when shes not. she talks sh1t about everyone she knows…I mean EVERYONE. doesnt matter how long you knew her, her ex best friend knew her since then was 10 ,talked sh1t about her to everyone she can find cause shes a jealous ugly dalmatian lookin a55 b1tch…with a dirty snatch cause she spreads her legs for old men for drugs and simple smokes and weed. then lies to everyone and says that everyone else but her does that basically. cause she used to try and get with my uncle for booze and weed and smokes. and also dragged her friends to old pervert mens houses… then claims they are hanging with old crusty men when its actually her.

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