Lacey Jade Larabie — Literally A Crack Head

Lacey Jade Larabie — Literally A Crack Head.I was scrolling through instagram today and had a good laugh.. since when Lacey Jade Larabie become full Italian? I remember her as the little ghetto fabulous h0e that thought she was queen sh1t. It seems this metis half breed forgot her roots and forgot what her mother, father and even brother look like. No one in her family claims they are Italian but her! Does it help with her confidence to disregard her background and claim to be something she’s not? Because last time i bumped into this h0e she was smoking her pepsi in my washroom and selling her a55 and valuables (or lack of) to her drug dealers.. I even heard her asking her dealer to cook up her sh1t for her! So nasty. Get a grip hunny. You’re a metis crack head.

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