Kelsey Lloyd — Psychotic Dead Beat Mom

I’m surprised this brain damaged poor excuse of a mother Kelsey Lloyd has not made it on here yet! This b1tch sabotages relationships cause she has nothing better to do. Plays mother of the year when she’s so mentally unstable to even take care of her kids even her OWN parents agree she can’t take care of her kids, that’s why she had no problem walking out on them. She can lay down and make them but God forbid she actually takes care of them. Not to mention she harasses people about her ex’s thinking they will take her scally flat deadbeat a55 back. LOL hunnie you think your a diamond in the rough unyet your just a tacky pepsi head that’s in and out of the mental hospital every week. You made your bed you crazy cvnt now lay in it u gross b1tch. No wonder your kids hate you!!!

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