Kali Pirrie — Kali: The Slob Muppet Loser

this slob muppet here is Kali Pirrie, shes so desperate for attention that she calls people out to fight and then hides like a little bitch. She’s a slut too. Screws anything and everything she can. Passing around DRDS like no tomorrow. She’s the black sheep of her family since no one likes her. She’s a sh1tty mother too. Her own mother won’t even help her cause that’s how shitty she is. She let her daughter sit around in dirty diapers all the time, took her begging for money, and let her sleep in a bassinet with a dead mouse on the bottom . I have no words for this slob muppet loser. She’s a disgrace to man kind and should be euthanized!! Nasty Human. Warn the men of Winnipeg please !!

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