Justin Fillion — Bi Polar Goof

Justin Fillion — Bi Polar Goof. This guy right here thinks he has control on everyone around him and anything that crosses his path….hes a dirty cheater like dirty pays for floozies..meets up for gangbangs and payed little girls for their virginity. He thinks people like him. all we do is laugh cause your a joke man haha get bent justin wait?? YOU’VE prolly pay for that too UH someone to bent over you Fuk This toothless wonder messes with peoples lifes cause he lost everything due to his scvmmy ways …He had a Roofing business winnipeg superior roofing FAILED!!! Marriage FAILED!!! family FAILED!! This goofs mother dont even like like him…everything you touch turns to sh1t..go beg those welfare workers for some rent money you goof…begs and pleads them for money hahah trying to use his bipolar as his excuse to collect welfare hahaha drives a big black hemi truck no license and not even insured to him always drunk too..thinks hes some sort business man pfff his ex told me his d1ck barely pokes out his beer gut when hard..tit for tat bud.

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