Holly Chambers The Floozy / Con Artist

Holly Chambers a.k.a peaches on Leo list , you can find this junkie in area all over town trying to score her next crack hoot or complaining about anything she can to make you feel sorry for her u til she Rob’s you completly blind in your sleep , she is a loud mouth pill popping sh1t starting fabricated kind of person , she claims to work for a company called [REDACTED] but the girl can’t even walk her self , how is she suppose to take care of someone in a wheel chair when she needs one . . If I were you I’d stay clear from her , she Rob’s her johns left right an centre also , her services suck and she has had DRDs since she used to work at [REDACTED] in the 2000’s u can thank her ex boyfriend brandy Jackson for that one . Fuckin gross b1tch .

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