Glen Wilson — Pepsi Head Alcoholic

Glen is in his 40s and goes after young girls he even tried to hit on my daughter recently on fb his phone is full of pu55y pics from twitter and tinder sex sites and he bad mouths his niece who he lived before saying she’s a horrible person and bad mouthing his brother saying he beats up all his gfs and bad mouths his new roomates too and glen is so nasty that he doesnt use condoms with anyone he has sex with and has drd I don’t how he afford to do pepsi when he can’t even afford to buy new underwear he wears underwear so ripped up his whole a55 is hanging out so gross and he’s been in Selkirk mental hospital.he acts like he’s a nice guy at first then turns into a abusive as hole.who chokes women when he’s drunk so watch ladies don’t be fooled by this as hole with a tiny penis lol.

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