Curtis Mocan — Curtis The Creep Mocan

Curtis Mocan — Curtis The Creep Mocan. Ok ladies I have to put this creep on blast. He’s constantly up in my dm’s and many other girls I know too. Sending pictures of himself flexing bragging how big he thinks he is lol. Told me he wanted to hang out and then i see he’s married with kids. What a loser! I heard he constantly cheats on his wife and hits on everyone. My girl said he was asking her to have a 3 some with her other blonde friend. Said it was his dream. I feel so sorry for his wife! He beats her when she tries to leave him cause he roid rages all the time. He got caught banging some old blonde with 3 kids a few weeks ago too. Stay clear ladies this guys is DRD and apparently has the smallest wiener ever haha. Too much juice big boy. I couldn’t help but notice how small his legs were too lmfao. Curtis try making your marriage work cause no one wants a small john.

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  1. Ok . Curtis Mocan wasn’t “ married “ but he was in a long term relationship with his baby mama Meghan . Get your facts straight . Yes , everyone knew he cheated on her . He will deny this obvious! Especially the shirtless selfie DMs on Insta and Facebook. This is old news . Same with his Coke use . Yeah , he is on a few types of steroids . Old news too . It’s because he has issues with confidence as well as massive insecurity . Ask any of his few friends. Then again most of you on social media also do anyways . Lol


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