Charlene Stott — Spreads Her Sickness

Public service announcement to Niverville and surrounding areas. This is Charlene Stott… aka Charlene Erickson (former married name, she cheated on her lazy ex for years). This complete moron is so selfish and self-consumed that she’s been going to the gym and spreading her germs at Average Joe’s Fitness (yes, she’s currently sick and has been for over a week) – ignoring all “stay at home” instructions. Why? Just so she can post about her gym trips on social media and get attention. Cool. You want attention? You’ll get plenty of what you deserve going forward. This idiot also works for BSI Insurance and has been spreading her germs to clients and coworkers. So let’s recognize her for how little regard she has for others’ health. Literally no one cares about seeing your pathetic and desperate gym selfies – you’re not in shape, your tattoos are ugly and poorly done, you wearing tight pants over your belly doesn’t hide the fact that you have a gunt, and STOP GOING OUT AND SPREADING YOUR GERMS YOU SELFISH PRICK. She has fake boobs, except one of them is droopy, lopsided, smaller, and lower than the other. It’s like her chest has a lazy eye. And FYI to all, she reeks of rotten fish. Ask around town – she’s known for it. Bad breath, embarrassing hair dye, derpy face, wrinkles on top of the wrinkles on her face, fat alcoholic face and nose, a lazy eye, she cheated on her ex for years while married including having sex with a random dude from on her back deck while her kids were there. And now she drags his name through the mud to anyone in the community who will listen. She only cares about herself. Fuk this selfish puffy faced fat b1tch.

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